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The Notebook
This book was inspired by the story of the grandparents of Sparks' wife, who had been married over sixty years when Sparks met them. Sparks marveled at how much the couple cared for each other, and wrote his novel as an attempt to describe such a love. >> Read The Notebook online.

The Lucky One

U.S. Marine Logan Thibault carries a picture of a woman he'snever met because it brings him good luck. But when he sets out to find the woman, he is met with unexpected circumstances surrounding his new love and his shrouded past. Though not Sparkss most original tale, the story flows well and narrator John Bedford Lloyd delivers a solid performance. Lloyds deep bass tone is perfectly suited for Thibault, a manly man if ever there was one. Lloyds supporting characters are rich and interesting in their own right, some speaking in comical Southern drawls, others with a raw reality. The final result is quite touching without much over-the-top sentimentality on Lloyds part.  >> Read The Lucky One Book online.

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